Your Privacy Matters VMware Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub only collects information that is required to provide secure corporate access
What we cannot see
  • Text Messages
    Text Messages

    Your text messages are not collected

  • Personal Email
    Personal Email

    Emails from your personal account are not collected

  • Photos

    Photos from your device are not collected

  • GPS

    GPS location is not collected

What we collect
  • User Details
    User Details

    User information is collected to identify who the device belongs to, and how they can be contacted. Data collected includes name, work phone number, and work email address.

  • Work Apps
    Work Apps

    A list of app name, version, and installation status for all work apps delivered via AirWatch are collected from the device for reporting purposes.

  • Personal Apps
    Personal Apps

    Personal applications installed are collected to ensure that there are no malicious or harmful apps to your personal and corporate data. Only a list of installed applications is made available. No content/data from the personal application is shared with AirWatch.

How we can protect you
  • Send Notifications
    Send Notifications

    We may send notifications to keep you up to date with the latest mobile policy.

  • Unenroll Device
    Unenroll Device

    If the device is lost or stolen, a command can be sent to automatically unenroll the device and remove all managed enterprise resources including apps and profiles (Wi-Fi, email, etc).